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Junior Ambassador

08 Sep Junior Ambassador

RCAS members will go out of their way to provide support and encouragement.

Why should you join the premier club in Rotman? By joining RCAS, not only will you be the focal point in promoting the club to first years, but you will also be getting a head start in networking with many firms and companies that attend our events! Other than that, RCAS provides a strong support group that will go out their way to help you with anything. So come out and apply, you do not want to miss this opportunity!

RCAS is a close-knit family inside the large Rotman Commerce community.

Join RCAS, a close-knit family inside the large Rotman Commerce community. In RCAS you are surrounded by friendly faces who are always there to support and encourage you to grow personally and professionally. Apply to be a part of a team of enthusiastic, ambitious, and dedicated people! Not only will you be given the opportunity to explore your career goals, but you will have fun on the way to achieving your dreams!

To become a Junior Ambassador

1. Visit the Rotman Commerce Portal
2. Click on "Student Groups" from the left hand menu
3. Click on "Leadership Opportunities"

We're excited for your applications!

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