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Accounting In Reality (A.I.R)

About This Project

Day 1 (Monday, March 4, 2019): Kickoff Event, Case Writing and Intro to Data Analytics Workshop

This event kicks off the two-day Accounting Week Conference by providing an introduction of the week’s itinerary. Students will have the opportunity to hear from the case partner’s representatives and clarify general case related questions in a friendly networking environment. The kickoff event is followed by a case writing workshop and a Data Analytics workshop that aim to educate students and polish their technical skills that are required for effective case analysis and presentation.


Day 2 (Saturday, March 9): Accounting Symposium  

The final day of accounting week revolves around the case presentation. The day will begin with a keynote speaker from our case partner organization, followed by the preliminary rounds of the case presentations during the morning. Following lunch with firm representatives, the afternoon consists of workshops facilitated by our sponsoring accounting firms, finalists’ presentations, and the announcement for the winner of Accounting Symposium 2018. The conference concludes with a networking session where students will be able to network with representatives from various firms. This day will provide students with the opportunity to showcase the soft and technical skills they have learned throughout the week to firm representatives while also expanding their professional networks.


Additional Training (Thursday and Friday, March 7/8, 2019): Presentation Coaching

During the week, teams will be offered an optional 20-minute appointment, made on a first come first serve basis, where they present to and receive feedback from professional presentation coaches.  From experience in past years, coaches have been appreciated for providing insightful and practical advice and suggestions which aided the teams in areas such as public speaking, body language, creativity of presentation, answering Q&A, and the importance of timing. Students are welcomed to leverage this opportunity to get the best experience they could from participating in the event.


March 4, 2019 – March 9, 2019

Connect, Develop, Educate